Krone KWT 11.22 для Farming Simulator 2017
Krone KWT 11.22 для Farming Simulator 2017

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Wide widths, small tractors: The Krone KWT 11.22/10 is with its transport running gear ideal for lowhorsepower tractors with small lift capacities. With a working width of 11.00 m (36’1″), these tedders are yet further evidence that KRONE delivers the goods to modern farming.
The KWT 11.22/10 comes with a central border spreading control, with this system you don´t waste any crop to the boardering bushes, fences or creeks and it makes harvesting dried crops more comfortable.

The tedder has DynamicHoses (tractor compatible to DynamicHoses required to see attached hoses) and is fully ManualAttaching compatible.

Author bm-modding, fendt2000, Wopster and MadMax
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